Last June 17, we went to Batangas to celebrate my sister's birthday. We booked at Casa Astillero, Calatagan Batangas. It is a camping site with rooms, tents, open cottages, and kubo. The place is OK but can use some improvement. 

We stayed at their room which I think can fit a barkada. We're 8 in the room and it's quite comfortable naman. No fancy stuff like in hotels because as I've said, it is a camping site. We just preferred to stay in the room because of Nanay and the kids.

The place is full (but not crowded) with campers in the tents and cottages. We rented an open cottage outside where we ate. You can also rent an appliance for ₱300. 

The original plan is to have lunch in their balsa cottage but turned out they don't really maintain the balsa, madumi and malumot. I mean we would want to spent the entire afternoon there. We cancelled the "balsa plan" but the manong suggested a more swimmable beach area compared to Casa. Yes, di masyadong ok yung beach nila. Malumot nga plus the part na clear naman e mabato. 

So we went to the other side and it turned out it was the Manuel Uy beach resort. It was a 10-15 minutes boat ride.
The water is clean and the beach is shallow so the kids enjoyed it. We stayed there for an hour and a half.
The following day is ate's birthday. The kids surprised (kind of?!) her and decorated the cake that bunso baked.
After we checked out, we went to Caleruega. We just prayed and left for lunch since we already visited the place a few times already.
We ate lunch at Char's Garden Café Tagaytay. Visit this place, guys; if you want a great homey vibe, good food, and value for your money.

That's it! I am so grateful we were able to spend quality time together over great food, beautiful place, swimming fun, adventure, and real-life experiences. I am looking forward to more trips and sunsets like this. ↓
 Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Batangas | Weekend Getaway

by on 8/08/2017 10:59:00 am
Last June 17, we went to Batangas to celebrate my sister's birthday. We booked at Casa Astillero, Calatagan Batangas. It is a camping si...
When I started with my weight loss journey, I cut out rice in my diet. I substituted it with "saging na saba and kamote". A year and a half and a lot of pounds lost, I know I need to keep my weight off but I can't surely skip rice the entirety of my life. 

Last July 28, 2017, American Technologies, Inc. unveiled a revolutionary rice cooker that is the first of its kind -- GRAYNS. Kevin Co, CEO of Grayns Philippines has been advocating a healthy lifestyle since he brought the rice cooker in the country. Also during the media launch, Joseph Pagulayan, a fitness guru, discussed that the causes of obesity include poor nutrition and lack of mobility. He also encouraged everyone to be active and live healthy. 
GRAYNS is a healthy rice cooker that uses advanced technology to remove starch from rice and other starch sources lowering calorie content as well as glycemic load. But why do we need to remove the starch in our rice? Starch is a carbohydrate with glucose bonds, meaning that's sugar -- causing high sugar level and weight problem.
With Grayns, you can enjoy eating rice while lessening calories. Furthermore, it's very user-friendly, multi-functional, and has a memory function that lets you personalize the rice setting you want based on softness and moisture level. The body is heavy duty and aesthetically designed, with interiors made of 100% stainless steel.

Watch the video below to know how easy it is to clean Grayns.

I eat rice once a week (yes, I got used to it already). I've tried brown rice and now I am currently using Black rice. The problem with it is that it takes a lot of time with the preparation and cooking. I mean you can't afford to do this on a daily basis especially if you are working like me. Now the good thing also with Grayns is you can use it in any kind of rice and may be customize according to your preference. 👍

With this revolutionary rice cooker, we can jumpstart a healthy change in our lifestyle. As they say, there is nothing in our life that is more valuable than good health.

*This rice cooker is priced at 27,000 and is now available at Rustans and Abenson.